Maxime Passadore is a french photographer & visual artist. He started as reporter in the cult french TV show Paris Dernière. His sensitive photos reflect the soul of theses unexpected encounters filled with emotion. Passadore consistently expanded his universe to include influences from his numerous travels around the globe.
He always tries to create a bridge between fine art, digital and technologic installation. After many exhibitions, he’s still experimenting and developing visual art by working on photocollage, glicht art, experimental photography and interactive installation. His approach can be describe as a urban romantism, expressing the obvious solitude of humanity.

One relevant element is missing in most of his artwork : the human figure. This intentional absence shows the anti-humanistic nature of the urban development.
The main idea is to combine fine art and digital processing to create worlds that do not exist.Through his artwork, Passadore shows a spark of hope in a declining world invaded by machines where man would be no more than a code. In this apocalyptic environment, humans are erased by the urbanization. This personal interpretation can cause a negative feeling in the viewer but the approach remains romantic and nostalgic.